Two guys who used to be in Uncle Tupelo are now in an amazing band called Wilco. Sure, it's sad when one of your favorite bands goes by the wayside, but when it evolves into two great bands ... well, it's nice how things work out, isn't it? It's particularly nice when one of those bands, with whom we deal on this page, turns out to be one of the best bands anywhere.

Personnel: Jeff Tweedy (vocals, guitar, banjo, songwriting); John Stirratt (bass, vocals); Leroy Bach (guitar, various instruments, 2001-  ); Nels Cline (guitar, 2005-  ), Glen Kotche (drums/percussion, 2001-  ). Alumni: Max Johnston (guitar, dobro, fiddle, mandolin, 1994-1996); Ken Coomer (drums, 1994-2001); Jay Bennett (lead guitar, banjo, keyboards, vocals, 1994-2001).

(Band picture) Don't call 'em an "alt.country" band anymore; they mostly left that behind with Being There, left it WAY behind with summerteeth, and moved on to a neighboring galaxy with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, the best record of 2002. Just call 'em a great American band, 'cause that's what they are. It's all in the songs, and the songs have always been fantastic. As my friend Rich Hawkins said, "Summerteeth doesn't twang ... but who said it had to?"

This little page began as an offshoot of the Uncle Tupelo page on this site, and has certainly taken on a life of its own. Also be sure to check out the band's spiffy official site, WilcoWorld (and I'm honored that Jeff and the boys were kind enough to link to yours truly).


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Songs from A.M.


Songs from Being There


Songs from Mermaid Avenue (with Billy Bragg and Woody Guthrie)


Songs from summerteeth


Songs from Mermaid Avenue, Vol. II (with Billy Bragg and Woody Guthrie)

Songs from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Miscellaneous songs, covers, B-sides and Golden Smog songs

Thanks to song transcribers Nathan Baird, Brent Banks, Scott Bea, Judd Bolger, Michael Borgelt, Mike Brann, Ira H. Bryant IV, Andrew Burt, Paul Carey, Seth Conant, Dale Cooper, John Erlinger, Chris Gehrz, Shane Grimm, Gunnar Hedlund, Brian Kelly, Brian Kessler, Conor McCann, Jeff Miller, Marc in Manitoba, Bruce Mathieson, Tim Minneci, Andrew Neuhauser, Warren Owen, Joe Putzer, Tom Richards, Joe Rinkevich, Joe Rintala, Angadbir Sidhu, Ernie Smith, J. A. Thomas, Philippe Treuil, Dan Van Skiver, Steve Thomas, Justin Voss, Howie Wang, Weirdo, Matthew Zelman and especially Dave Shapiro.

Updated February 10, 2003.

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